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how to get burrs out of dog hair?


 Oh, you poor thing. It looks like your dog has been rolling in the prickly bits of a bush. While it's hard for them to see and feel the icky burrs stinging their skin, you know it's there! Here are some ways to get those nasty little things out of your furry friend's fur.

1) Fuzzy Brush: We've all seen our moms use one of these before, and they're perfect for getting out little knots that can't be tugged free by hand. Start brushing from the top downwards so that you don't accidentally brush the burrs back into your pup's coat.

2) Plunger: The plunger is great for getting rid of the tiny burrs that your dog can't make out with their tongue. Place the plunger over the spot, and push down to remove them.

3) Spray Bottle: If you try using a brush and plunger in your pup's coat, you may cause frizzy fur instead of getting all of the burrs out. That's because some burrs are too small to be removed by a brush or plunger alone. Get a spray bottle and fill it with a diluted amount of dishwashing liquid. Spray the burrs, let it sit for a minute, then rinse your dog's coat.

4) Itchy Water: We've all heard about the "scratch that itch" remedy that some people use for minor injuries. If you want to try this on your pup, dampen an old cotton towel with water and give it a squeeze. Rub the towel over your dog's coat. This will remove any remaining burrs from his coat, as well as easing any itchiness from petting with the towel.

5) Olive Oil: This is a great trick for both you and your dog. Massage oil into the fur or skin to remove any burrs that may be sticking to it. It's also a good way of moisturizing your pet before you groom her.

6) Hair Dryer: If all else fails, the hair dryer is the next best thing to a brush and plunger. Blow on the fur to get any stray burrs out.

7) Dog Treats: A lot of people mix cherry kibble into their dog's food bowl, hoping that some of those pesky burrs will fall through and be picked up by their pets' tongues. 

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