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how to decontaminate soil from dog feces?


 You've just been walking your dog, who has done their business and if you don't clean up probably will in the next few hours. The problem is your garden is close by and this isn't going to do anything good for it. But removing the smelly poop from your soil isn't something you can just do with a bit of water and a sponge – you need to get into some serious decontamination mode!

That's why we're here with some serious information on how to turn dirt into healthy soil again after cleaning it of dog feces. We've also got some tips that are sure to make any gardeners day more easy, like when to actually start preparing for winter cleanup.

Poisonous to Anyone

All poo contains elements that can be poisonous, either directly or after they're broken down by bacteria. That's why nearly all poop is dangerous, and decontamination is a serious issue. Feces can contain bacteria including salmonella, E. coli and botulism. These bacteria can cause severe illness or even death (especially for kids).

Not only could these bacteria make it into your water supply, there are parasites such as roundworms that can also infect your soil from dog poop. Any of these bacteria can make it into your garden, where they can live and grow in the soil.

An easy way to prevent this is to regularly wash your hands when doing anything along the lines of gardening – that way if you do get a whiff of poop bacteria you know where it came from. The same goes for washing up after a garden cleanup job.

The most effective way of preventing these harmful elements is to get a good commercial soil decontamination product, like this one by Pet Safe Yard Waste Control – we've also found some great tips for how to clean up after yourself in our article about dog waste. 

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