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how to clip small dog nails?


  Do you love your furry companion and hate the rotten nails it brings? 

Small Dog Nail Clipping Tips:

-reach for a gel or petroleum-based nail polish remover (check out PetSmart, Amazon, or your local pet store)

-be cautious with your clipper, clipping just the quick of the nail not the top to avoid cuticles and skin. Keep in mind, dogs don't have much to worry about when it comes to their appearance. There's no need for drama 

-pick up a small towel before trying to clip your dog's nails so that if you accidentally scratch them you won't have an eruption of blood 

for more advice check out this helpful article from PetMD.com

When clipping your dog's nails at home, try to cut the nail as short as you can. short nailed dogs are less prone to injury when running, jumping and barking. 

-use a file or brush to clip nails from both sides of the nail so that your pet will continue to enjoy the benefits of a smooth nail surface. 

-don't forget about the little dogs who have more trouble getting their nails clipped than larger dogs. Smaller breeds are also more delicate and cannot tolerate the pain of regular clipping therefore require something extra special just for them. Check out this video from DogTime .com for more information on how to trim tiny puppies nails . 

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