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how to behave so your dog behaves?


 How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

Many dog owners live with the thought of coming home to a chewed couch, rug, table leg or worse. However, this need not be the case. With just a little effort and patience we can create an environment where both humans and dogs can thrive. This article is for those looking for guidance on how to make this happen in order for their dog to become more well-behaved, as well as have a better time living with their pet companion.

Admittedly, it has been said that the most important thing a dog needs is to love and be loved. However, if done hesitantly and without proper training, this simple fact can be both damaging as well as useless to the health of the owner and their animal. Most dogs will respond to a loving approach by not becoming overwhelming or aggressive in any way, but this can simply be attributed to their lack of social experience. This is why it is so important to never rush your dog into any sort of training process because you don't want them to associate these people with fear or aggression.

It is also important to note that it can take months to create positive associations with behavior and training, so do not become discouraged if you notice your dog going outside its boundaries too many times in the beginning. Keep in mind that a new environment of sorts is being introduced and your dog will need time to adjust. Dogs are very perceptive creatures, so if you find yourself becoming frustrated, take a moment to step back and consider the situation from their point of view. How would you feel if someone introduced you to some new rules and then punished you for breaking them?

Dog Training

Equally important are the factors needed for proper dog training. 

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