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how long to keep cone on dog after neuter?


 I have a five month old pup that I neutered last week. Was wondering how long the cone should be on? How soon can he go to the dog park again and play with other dogs?

Thank you!

The ultimate decision on when to remove a post-neuter cone will come down to your veterinarian's discretion. It is not uncommon for vets to leave a post-op cone or Elizabethan collar on for one week, two weeks, or even longer than three weeks. Your vet may take into account factors such as how well your pup ate and voided while wearing it, as well as if they sustained any accidental injuries while wearing the post-neuter cone that would require protective equipment or care.

It is always best to follow your veterinarian's instructions, but most vets should be willing to address any concerns you may have about implementing the instructions that they give. If your vet says "two weeks," and you're still not sure if it's time, ask for their opinion. If they say "three weeks," and you're concerned about the cone after only two, again let them know. Ultimately, if you cannot reach a consensus with your vet on how long to leave the cone on after neuter, it may be a conversation worth having with a veterinary specialist at one of the veterinary colleges in Canada (including Ontario Veterinary College) or even another veterinarian. 

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