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how long does it take for dog stitches to dissolve?


 Dog stitches are those little white and blue strips that you see on the skin of dogs after a surgery or injury. They will usually dissolve within one to two weeks. This is true even if the dog is not cared for properly or if removed by an unskilled person. If you find that your dog’s stitches have not dissolved after 2 weeks, they should be removed by an expert and it may require surgery. If your dog still has swollen areas or welts where the stitches waited, contact a veterinarian immediately because this could indicate infection in the vicinity of the wound. It may also be helpful to consult with a vet nurse before removing any stitches yourself. They may have an idea of when the stitches should dissolve and whether or not the wound is infected.

Do not attempt to remove dog stitches yourself if:

You are a novice at this kind of thing. If you have never removed dog stitches before, you should consult with a veterinary nurse before attempting it on your own. Dogs tend to be sensitive and can experience a lot of pain in the area where they received their stitches, especially if they were sutured or if the thread was left in as well. It is best to get someone who is familiar with how wounds heal and what to watch out for when removing dog stitches to do it in order to avoid hurting or scaring your pet. 

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